Parution : Soldiers in Peacemaking

Chères et chers collègues,
Je me permets de vous signaler la parution de Beatrice de Graaf, Frédéric Dessberg et Thomas Vaisset (dir.), « Soldiers in Peacemaking. The Role of the Miltiary at the End of War, 1800-present », Bloomsbury.
La table des matières est la suivante : Peace-making and Civil-military Relations, 1918-1923, Hew Strachan The Post-Cold War United States Army and Debates over Peacekeeping Operations, David Fitzgerald Soldier or Diplomat? The Grey Area of UN Peacekeeping in Cambodia, Wietse Stam United Nations Military Observers in Former Yugoslavia: Strategic Influencers or Sitting Ducks?, Dion Landstra and Thomas Wijnaendts van Resandt Turning “Enemies” into “Friends”: The Role of the Military in Peace-Making in France after Napoleon (1815-1818), Christine Haynes ‘War Against War’: The Antimilitarist Activities of Greek War Veterans (1922–1925), Alexandros Makris Building Insecurity? Military and Paramilitary Forces in Postwar Czechoslovak Borderlands (1945-1948), Paul Lenormand General of the Russian Army Alexei Orlov: Military Figure in the Service of Diplomacy, Elena Linkova The Naval Officer, a Peacekeeper in Europe (1815-1848)? Keeping European Peace Overseas and Consolidating French Naval Power, Hélène Vencent, Soldiers Versus Veterans. Peacemaking in Britain after Napoleon, Evan Wilson The Price of Disobedience: The Eastern French Army in Albania (1916-1925), Renaud Dorlhiac
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Bien à vous, Thomas Vaisset, Université Le Havre Normandie